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3 parts - Each session will consist of 15 minutes of content with 5 minutes for questions and feedback for a total of 60 minutes. 

CAR-T Therapies (Outpatient vs Inpatient) - Jessica Fuhrman, Pharmacy Student 

  • Explain CAR-T therapy and the malignancies for which it is indicated 

  • Appraise the financial implications of CAR-T therapy for inpatient vs outpatient administration 

  • Discuss best practices for implementing outpatient CAR-T therapy 

Alvimopan Cardiovascular Risk & Legal Restrictions - Julie Zhang, Pharmacy Student 

  • Describe the mechanism of action, therapeutic use, drug efficacy and dosing regimen of Alvimopan 

  • Discuss the evidence of cardiovascular risk related to the use of Alvimopan 

  • Explain the Alvimopan REMS program and P&T restrictions at UW Health 

Albuterol + Budesonide Inhaler - Alexis Biehl, Pharmacy Student


  • Recall symptoms and current guidelines (2022 GINA Guidelines & NHLBI 2020 Guidelines) used treatment of asthma in patients

  • Analyze findings of the MANDALA and DENALI trial in respects to the efficacy and safety of PT027

  • Compare PT027 potential for use and safety to current standard of treatment (formoterol/ICS) for asthma care

Session date: 
10/11/2022 - 11:00am to 12:00pm CDT
In-person and Virtually
Will be determined by room availability
600 Highland Ave
Madison, WI 53705
United States
  • 1.00 ACPE Contact Hours - Pharmacist
  • 1.00 University of Wisconsin–Madison Continuing Education Hours

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Jessica Fuhrman, Pharmacy Student
Julie Zhang, Pharmacy Student
Alexis Biehl, Pharmacy Student