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How do I request a reprint of a credit letter?

If you participated in an accredited CE course through our office and would like a reprint of your credit:

If the activity took place BEFORE January 1, 2018, or you are requesting a transcript for RSS sessions that took place BEFORE June 30, 2018, please complete this CE Credit Reprint Request Form

If the activity took place AFTER January 1, 2018 or is an RSS session that took place AFTER June 30, 2018, you can access transcripts and credit letters through this ICEP learning portal.

  1. Log into this site (
  2. In the top right corner, select "My Account" > My Activities > Completed Activities or Session Credit (for RSS)
  3. Activities that are not complete are found in My Activities > Pending Activities

What do I need to fulfill my continuing education (CME, CNE, or CPE) requirements?

    Yes. There are requirements for continuing education in medicine, nursing, and pharmacy that vary by state. Please see the links below for additional information.

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    Planning Committee and Presenters

    I need help submitting my conflict of interest, who do I contact?

    Conflict of interest is managed by the AAMC through a system called Convey. For assistance:

    Phone: 202-909-2001 M-F 8am - 4 pm CT; closed Wednesday 2 - 4 pm CT

    ICEP Global Evaluation

    2016 UW-Madison ICEP Evaluation Results 2016 IP_Learner_Surveys_ExecutiveSummary_Final.pdf
    2016 Global Evaluation Poster 2016Survey_ICEP_Global_Evaluation_Poster.pdf
    2017 Global Evaluation Poster 2017Survey_ICEP_Global_Evaluation_Poster.pdf
    2016-2018 Global Evaluation Presentation 2016-2018_Surveys_ICEP_Global_Evaluation_Presentation.pdf