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To support the integration of self-directed learning and improvement projects into accredited CME. The University of Wisconsin - ICEP has created the following program for providers to receive credit for the completion of a self-directed learning project related to their teaching duties. 

Examples of projects include: a review of interprofessional education literature to better provide feedback to an interprofessional group of students; a review of current best practices of a procedure that a provider feels they need to improve/review prior to teaching that procedure to students; or learning completed in preparation for a presentation to faculty. 


To claim credit: 
  1. Download the **File Learning For Teaching Worksheet** to help plan and track your learning activity prior to completing your project submission. 
  2. Complete the **Learning For Teaching Project Submission Form**
  3. ICEP will review your project submission and assign your credits. 
  4. To view your go to the "My account tab" on the top right of this page, select "My activities", select "Completed Activities"


  • Credit is awarded on a 2:1 ratio of credits to time spent teaching related to the newly-learned material. 
    • e.g. A faculty member researches current best practices for teaching an interprofessional student group. They spend 1 hour in clinic teaching utilizing techniques learned through their self-directed learning project and asks their students to provide feedback regarding these new techniques. Once submitted and approved, this activity would be awarded 2 CE credits commensurate with the faculty's qualifications.  
  • Faculty can earn up to 10 CE credits per academic year. 
  • Additional questions? Contact Sara Scott (