Some clinicians are uncomfortable asking patients about suicidal thoughts or feelings. How do you inquire about suicidal ideation?  What keeps you from it?


In my view, even if a person wants to kill himself, it is his immediate environment, as well as his motivation, that leads him not to do so.

A motivation that prevents this kind of tragedy could be sport and physical well-being. A blog where they tell well how to grow physically and naturally, overcoming all kinds of obstacles, can be this one.


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In the back of my head I keep the words: Duty to do no harm.

It’s that tender moment some patients dread to say, I am unhappy with my life. My pain is really not in my hands or back, it’s my heart hurting because I don’t know what’s wrong.  I understand that my job as there RN that I need to protect you and empower you to figure that out. 

There were times working at a state facility with patients may have been on hold due to suicidal ideation during there prison sentence I withheld asking the direct question because I sense that the patient would not give me a truthful response due to other mental health issues. I did go around the question and was able to get my assessment completed. In the back of my head said, I should have asked the question. It’s there words.

very thought provoking 


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یکی از تاثیرات خوبی که برنامه نویسی اندروید بر روح و جسم ادمی دارد این است که به مرور باعث می شود قدرت تفکر انتقادی و منطقی شخص بالا رفته و در مقابله با مشکلات رفتار بهتری از خود نشان دهند. 

یکی از بهترین منبع های یادگیری آموزش برنامه نویسی اندروید را می توانید در وب سایت های فارسی زبان و در سایت کد آکادمی پیدا کنید:

آموزش برنامه نویسی اندروید


یادگیری سریع به همراه مثال و پروژه یکی از مزایای این دوره آموزشی است. بنابراین زمانی که شما مشغول به انجام این کار می شوید دیگر از فکر خودکشی بیرون آمده و ذهنتان را درگیر مسایل دیگری به غیر از این مورد می کنید.


با سپاس از دکتر فرنارد اشتاین


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