Integrating Effective Teaching Strategies into the Clinical Environment, Susan Wenker, PT, PhD; Julia Lubsen, MD

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Integrating Effective Teaching Strategies into the Clinical Environment, Susan Wenker, PT, PhD; Julia Lubsen, MD

Teaching and learning are ineffective without student-centered objectives and goals. This session will discuss creative and thoughtful ways to engage students in clinical teaching interventions. Instructors will facilitate discussions to identify strategies to determine students' readiness to learn, develop student-centered objectives and assessment methods that align with learning interventions. Session instructors will present multiple examples demonstrating how clinical educators can integrate evidence-based, student-centered teaching strategies into clinical teaching environments. Active learning strategies will include self-reflection, pair-and-share in small groups, and other tools such as large sticky notes and white boards to explore clinical teaching.


  • Identify clinical teaching strategies
  • Apply clinical teaching strategies to match learners' needs
  • Reflect on current and future clinical teaching strategies
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