Future of Medical Education and Implications for Faculty Development, Deborah Simpson, PhD; Jacob Bidwell, MD; Theresa Frederick; Kjersti Knox, MD; Mark Robinson, DO; Tricia La Fratta, MBA

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Future of Medical Education and Implications for Faculty Development, Deborah Simpson, PhD; Jacob Bidwell, MD; Theresa Frederick; Kjersti Knox, MD; Mark Robinson, DO; Tricia La Fratta, MBA

The future of medicine is now. Current first year medical students will be transitioning to residency training in 2023 and begin completing training in 2026. As medical educators, we seek to prepare physicians who are ready for independent, unsupervised practice in the later part of this decade. What will that future look like? What will be the roles and responsibilities of medical educators in the 2nd decade of the 21st Century? What can we do now to begin preparing our faculty to support these role transitions? This session will review recent work outlining the roles of physicians and medical educators. Then in small, facilitated discussion groups, participants will explore what we as faculty can be doing today to upskill our growth as educators while retaining our core values and identify as teachers and learners with brief report outs.


  • Describe the physician and medical educator's job roles, based on hard trends in education and medicine
  • Reframe these job roles to support identity and values as medical educators
  • Identify two practical and feasible faculty development strategies to support faculty transitions to these medical educator job roles
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