The Wisconsin Child Psychiatry Consultation Program (WI CPCP) is a free psychiatry access program from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services that offers a variety of resources designed to support primary care providers treating and managing mental health in their daily practice. The goal of WI CPCP is to improve mental health care for children and adolescents in the state of Wisconsin. WI CPCP supports primary care providers by offering no cost access to:

• Consultation from a behavioral health expert 
• CME &Training Opportunities for NPs, PAs, MDs, and DOs
• Staff Education
• Resource Coordination to help connect patients to resources and referrals

WI CPCP is a state funded, non-profit program offered at no cost for primary care providers. All our resources are educational in nature. The program does not provide direct patient care. Patients stay within your health system and participation remains confidential. WI CPCP’s team includes Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, a Pediatric Psychologist, expert Resource Coordinators, and Triage Staff.

Contact Information:

Grace Bayer
(608) 440-0817

Christina Lium