Our passion at the TMS Center of Collaborative Solutions in Psychiatry is to provide individualized care. Dr. Sobia Kirmani-Moe is always looking for treatments for mental health that go beyond prescription medications. With that goal in mind, her practice chose to work with Neurostar to bring Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to its patients. TMS offers not only improvement, but actual remission of even the most severe cases of depression.

We offer a variety of treatment protocols including TouchStar (3 minutes), DASH (19 minutes), and an off-label right-sided inhibitory anxiety protocol in order to provide a personalized TMS treatment plan to suit the needs of each individual patient.

Since first offering TMS in 2020, we have been fortunate to help over 90 patients with over 70 patients treated in 2021. Thus far, over two-thirds of our patients have experienced improvement in their depression while nearly 40% have reached remission.

In order to support the growing needs of our community, we are proud to offer TMS services outside of normal business hours from 7:00am-7:00pm. Additionally, we have recently added a second machine to our practice in an effort to reduce our wait time from referral to starting treatment.

We hope that you choose to reach out. Our passion is to create individualized plans through collaboration with our patients and their providers; after all, it’s in our name. Please call or visit our website today so we can help get your patients on the path to recovery.

Virtual Drop In:

Friday November 5th, 2021
8:00-8:30 am and 12:00-1:00 pm

Access the virtual drop in - Morning (8:00am)

Access the virtual drop in - Afternoon (12:00pm)

Contact Information:

Erin Bartnick, PA-C | Donnie Schraufnagel, ATC
(608) 713-9898, ext. 2