How is learning planned during clinical experiences? What are your best strategies?


1. Sit in the front seat

Sitting on the front of the seat will minimize the incoming disturbance. Whether it's interference from friends who invite chat or interference from within yourself (phone toys, reading novels, and so forth). In addition, sitting at the front will show your sincerity in studying. You will be closer to the lecturer and you will be more likely to ask questions if you have questions to ask.

2. Be a student known by lecturers

Being a student that has been recognized by the lecturers in the new semester would be something to be proud of. This opportunity you should use with the best. You must have something different so that you can be recognized among the students who are probably thousands. You must make sure that you keep your attitude from changing the lecturer's judgment against you.

3. Be a volunteer

You must put yourself in the shoes of being ready to help others whenever and wherever. This will give you the opportunity to learn new things. For example in a classroom, when your teacher requires someone to be a model of learning, you can offer yourself. In this way you will gain more knowledge than any other student in that class. Why? Since you practice right away, this will keep you in mind. For example, you see an accident in front of you. You can try to help by giving first aid to the victim by applying the knowledge you get in nursing school. This will give you the opportunity to jump right into the field and apply the knowledge you gain. So you will learn more meaningfully.

4. Knowing the right learning method for you

Early college is a good time to dig up information about yourself. Many things you may not know about yourself. For example, do you already know the right learning method for you? If you do not know yet, then you should look for it. How to?

Basically the character of the learner there are 4 kinds, namely visual, audio, audio visual, and kinestetik. If a person has a visual learning character, then he must see the material directly in order to understand the material. If someone has the character of learning audio, then he does not need text, he just listens to the lecturer explain and he can already understand it. Audio visual character is a combination of audio and visual. While someone who has a kinesthetic learning character, then when learning he must while doing the movement, this will make him understand with the material.

For that, you should try one by one and feel which one suits you best. Knowing your learning character will help you in choosing the right learning method for you.

5. Learn in a group

Studying in groups is very important to be done by new students. In addition to cultivating friendships, group learning can be a means of discussion for them to share their difficulties and seek solutions.


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