Back in 1967, the world saw the first step towards continuous glucose monitoring at the University of Wisconsin. It was here that UW nephrologist Dr. Stuart J Updike developed the first enzyme electrode that allowed glucose and oxygen to be translated from body fluid into an electrical signal. About 20 years late, in 1990, Dr. Updike and his team began working on fully implantable CGM technology. This became the research that Dexcom was founded on in 1999. In fact, our first corporate office was in the basement of Fred Jaeger's dental office over by Hilldale Mall! Dexcom's first goal was to further Dr. Updike's developments by creating a fully implantable sensor with the original prototype being the size of a AAA battery. It was this fully implantable long term sensor that paved the way for Dexcom to be the first company to show that real-time CGM improves Time In A Range, an emerging clinical standard now set to replace the A1C.


Stop by our table or visit with your local Dexcom rep to learn more about the history of Dexcom, how far our real time CGM product development has come over the past 20+ years, and where we are headed in the very near future!

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