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9/14/2018: Alana Trotter, MD, “There’s No Room”; Richard Appen, MD, “Do You Hear a Whooshing Sound?” 09/14/2018 - 7:00am to 8:00am CDT
9/21/2018: Robert Wojciechowski, OD, MSc, PhD, FAAO Visiting Professor from Johns Hopkins, "Population Genomics: from Big Data to Bedside" 09/21/2018 - 7:00am to 8:00am CDT
9/28/2018: Wenlan (Wendy) Zhang, MD, Guest Speaker from Duke University Eye Center, “Portable Tools for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening” 09/28/2018 - 7:00am to 8:00am CDT
10/05/2018: T. Michael Nork, MD, MS, FARVO, “Outer Retinal Ischemia and a Possible Mechanism for Ganglion Cell Injury in Glaucoma”; Jonathan Chang, MD, “Second Time’s the Charm?” 10/05/2018 - 7:00am to 8:00am CDT
10/12/2018: V. Vinod Mootha, MD, "Window on Molecular Pathogenesis of Fuchs’ Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy" 10/12/2018 - 7:00am to 8:00am CDT
10/19/2018: Jacque Duncan, MD, “Retinal Structure and Function in Patients with Retinal Degenerations” 10/19/2018 - 7:00am to 8:00am CDT
11/2/2018: Eliesa Ing, MD, Guest Speaker from Casey Eye Institute, Oregon Health & Science University, "The Changing Paradigm of Glaucomatous Damage"; Mitchell Wolf, MD, Guest Speaker from SSM Health, "Pneumatic Vitreolysis: Is less more?" 11/02/2018 - 7:00am to 8:00am CDT
11/9/2018: Catherine Sun, MD, "Tube vs Trab: Lessons Learned and New Directions"; Laura Kopplin, MD, PhD, "New Therapies in Uveitis" 11/09/2018 - 7:00am to 8:00am CST
11/16/2018: Baseer Ahmad, MD, "Ophthalmology in the Digital Age – Artificial Intelligence and Big Data"; Elaine Downie, MD, "Resources and ReSpectacle" 11/16/2018 - 7:00am to 8:00am CST
11/30/2018: Andrew Hendrick, MD, "Corneal Lubricants during Vitrectomy", Edmund Tsui, MD, "Lessons Learned in Uveitis: A Changing Landscape" 11/30/2018 - 7:00am to 8:00am CST