Learning Objectives and Assessment Questions are due no later than 2 weeks before your session date.


Learning Objectives

Writing clear, concise learning objectives will identify what you want participants to do differently as a result of participating in your educational activity. In addition, the learning objectives help you measure if a change occurred after the conclusion of the activity. The purpose of learning objectives is to inform participants of the standards and expectations of educational activity.

PDF icon Additional information and guidance about writing your learning objectives

When writing your learning objectives, consider the following sentence starter: "As a result of participation in this educational session, learners as members of the healthcare team will..."

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Assessment Questions

Activities require learners to complete assessment questions about the content presented at the activity. This assessment component measures the impact of the activity on the learners' knowledge, skills/strategies and/or performance similar to questions encountered on a certifying board exam. 

  • A minimum of 3 assessment questions are required.
    • Each learning objective must be represented by one or more assessment questions.
    • You may not ask assessment questions that do not pertain to any of the learning objectives.
  • Only multiple-choice format is permitted.
    • No other formats are allowed--no true/false, no open-ended answers, etc.
    • Four or five answer choices are recommended.
    • Only the single best correct answer may be selected - do not require the learner to select multiple answers.
    • “All of the above” or “None of the above” responses are not permitted.
    • Ideally, questions will include a clinical vignette to move beyond testing for knowledge.
  • Feedback information is required for each question. Feedback should guide learners to the correct answer without telling them outright what the answer is. References can be included.

PDF icon Here are examples of assessment questions with feedback

Create Additional Questions

If you need to create additional assessment questions, select the number of questions that you would like to add from the dropdown menu below: